Transcript: Ask the UXperts: Make Meaningful Work with Dan Szuc

Make Meaningful Work – From Sleepwalking to Sparkle isn’t your average Ask the UXperts kind of title, but then nothing is ever particularly normal when it comes to Dan Szuc. He grabs life with both hands, gives it a shake, and hands it back all shiny and new. It’s an inspiring thing to be watch.

Dan didn’t let us down today.

Rather than our usual Q&A format, he asked us the questions and they weren’t easy ones.

The session was designed to get us thinking about the changes that we can make in our own work environments (and within our own selves) to ensure that we are getting (and giving) the most value possible.

Dan wrapped up with an impressive reading list, which I’ve curated here for your learning pleasure.

From Sleepwalking to Sparkle Dan Szuc

Make Meaningful Work Dan Szuc

The Great Tragedy of Speed David Whyte

Designing the Future of Business Dan Szuc

Routines on Projects: Why They Deserve More Attention Dan Szuc

The Management Myth Matthew Stewart

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect TeamCharles Duhigg

The Leader’s New Work: Building Learning Organizations Peter Senge

Designing Projects for Success: A More Humane UX Practice Dan Szuc

Deeper Understanding: Stories, Observations, and Insights Dan Szuc

Toward a Culture of Integrated Practice Dan Szuc

Integrated Approaches to Constant Personal Learning, Improvement, and Maturity Dan Szuc

GDP Is a Wildly Flawed Measure for the Digital Age Barry Libert and Megan Beck

If you’re going to vent about your problems, do it right Julia Case-Levine

The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking

Viktor Frankl on the Human Search for Meaning Maria Popova

Making Meaningful Things Together: Working Towards a Mature Business Dan Szuc and Josephine Wong

What Makes Work Meaningful — Or Meaningless Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden

Delighting in the possible Zafer Achi and Jennifer Garvey Berger

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