When people hear that we are working on a project to “Make Meaningful Work” some might say it’s a luxury, a privilege or believe that they need to work for charity or non profit organisation. Some might think it is about quitting your job or creating a startup or its about becoming an entrepreneur.

As ‘meaning’ is subjective so too is the “Make Meaningful Work” intention and concept. It can be different things to different people.

Framing meaningful work

So to help understand meaningful work together lets consider the following frame.

What if meaning is:

  • Already in your work today?
  • Not something that you have to search for?
  • Inside you?
  • Practice using practical, tangible and actionable practices?
  • Made up of small actions you can take or not to take on a daily basis?
  • Like playing back a film in slow motion to illustrate how you can shape your daily life and work?

What if it was about:

Finding practices already in you and mastering practice spotting to make practices more explicit and intentional in your day to day.

“Unstuck” starts with “U”

We hope that “Make Meaningful Work” will become a mantra for employers, employees and entrepreneurs.

We see MMW as redefining the concept of what work is.

We see MMW as a movement which will ripple through commerce, creating a benchmark for all industries.

What was once viewed as “I work to live” can now change to “I work to make meaning” whether that be on an individual, corporate, community or global level.

Watch your thoughts, they become words,
Watch your words, they become actions,
Watch your actions, they become habits,
Watch your habits, they become character,
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Topics to “Make Meaningful Work”

We see “Make Meaningful Work” broken down into topics where we can have meaning through:

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Mindfulness
  • Authenticity
  • Values
  • Cognition – beliefs and self talk
  • Macro footprint
  • Micro footprint
  • Creativity
  • Where you belong
  • Joy
  • And many others …

It is only through a keen understanding, awareness and appreciation of these elements will a 360 appreciation of MMW evolve.